Telecommunication sector in India is primarily subdivided into two segments, which are Fixed Service Provider (FSPs) and Cellular Services. Telecom Industry in India constitutes some essential telecom services like telephone, radio, television and Internet. Telecom Industry in India is specifically emphasizing on latest technologies like GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), PMRTS (Public Mobile Radio Trunking Services), Fixed Line and WLL (Wireless Local Loop). India has a prospering market specifically in GSM mobile service and the number of subscribers is growing very fast.

The booming domestic telecom market has been attracting huge amounts of investment which is likely to accelerate with the entry of new players and launch of new services. Buoyed by the rapid surge in the subscriber base, huge investments are being made into this industry. Career Shapers Telecom vertical is catering to 10+ clients and is geared up to meet the ever increasing demand of the telecom industry, by providing recruitment solutions, across all.

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