I recently closed one of the niche senior level positions with one of our prestigious Telecom client.

While sharing the position we were told not to screen profiles from the portals as they have already exhausted. They were not ready to compromise on education (even marks), job switches, industry, role & level etc. Also the technology was niche in the industry. We certainly started with portal & social networking sites but in vain since it was difficult to map any IT organization with hundreds of project managers, leads etc.

Therefore we thought of few social networking tactics. We had made our search open to beyond social networking sites like checked blogs, various forums, speakers in the groups, attendee list in related technology seminar, various summits which happened recently & posted opening on Facebook (being from an IT background..have few IT jerks in the list )

It is very important for a recruiter to reach out to the best candidate via any source. Above all tactics helped & the client appreciated the innovation & efforts



Position                :          RSM (Chennai) Spine

Client                    :           Fortune 500 Top Pharmaceutical MNC

The requirement came for an excellent candidate with good exposure to orthopedic or implantable device with team handling skills for Regional Sales Manager in Spine division. I started my search from different job portals, but was unable to find good Ortho Candidates as they were not fitting in the client’s salary bracket.

Client was very specific that he needs candidate from ortho or implantable device industry. There were only 6-7 companies with the same portfolio and limited candidates were available in the market. Then while doing referencing I got to know about a candidate who was a perfect match for this profile in one of the Top MNC’s in an Ortho Implant.

So I spoke to the company’s receptionist and managed to get candidates contact number. We shared the profiles and we were able to close the position successfully.

My past experiences and the presence of mind during my conversation with the receptionist helped me a lot in the closure of this position.



Position           :           Sr. Manager (Product Supply- Contract Manufacturing) Mumbai

Client               :           Fortune 500 Top Pharmaceutical MNC

We received a mandate from our Pharma MNC client for the senior position in (Product Supply- Contract Manufacturing) Mumbai. I started my search from different job portals but opening was already explored in the market from couple of months and I was not getting the right and fresh candidates to share with client. Now the challenge was to identify the right candidate matching client requirement.

So first I identified the list of all the pharmaceutical companies in market having same kind of setup. Then I headhunted those companies as in every company there were hardly 1-2 people for this profile. When we started headhunting all the candidates that were available in the market, the candidates were not entirely matching to the mandate shared.

After extensive working we prepared a Mapping Sheet from the list of companies that were being mapped and what pool of candidates were available in the Market. After sharing the Mapping Sheet with the client we had a detailed telecon regarding the challenges we were facing. Seeing our efforts and the regular follow up, client was impressed and even complimented us for the same.

The client then discussed the scenario with the BU Head since he was rigid on some points. The BU head after seeing all the work done reviewed the conditions and accepted our suggestions.  We shared the profiles and we were able to close the position successfully.

The closure of this position added to one of my good experiences in recruiting.



Hiring the right talent can be easy, but hiring the correct talent at correct time is called The Perfect Skill.

Initially I started working on a mandate which required professionals having complete international exposure with amalgamation of domestic market experience for the Technical R & D Segment. The hunting started with specific companies which the client had asked us to look for. I mapped the available talent pool and provided the market insight related to this position. But client couldn’t find the right matches due to lack of required skills to justify the job.  I strategized my work and started looking for persons carrying hardcore internationally exposure crossing the fitment criteria to a certain extent. I started focusing on candidates who could understand the cultural sensitivity while dealing with international people and could also have the expertise to deal locally. I found few good people with the right kind of skills.  They got interviewed and finally the Head Person could sense the “Right Fit” for the given role.  Position Closed!!  But yes it took immense amount of self belief, patience and support from the management. Above all we had provided service which was differentiated from our competitors.

We assured our best service for this position as always!


To close the position at senior level is always a challenge. We had received DGM level position from one of the leading Telecom client. This position was for their R&D segment. As we knew it was not easy to find a suitable candidate at senior level in R&D because of less availability of talent pull, we did research about the industry, competitors & market situation. After getting the sufficient information we found few suitable candidates for this position. For these candidates we used different tools of recruitment like job portal, professional site, referencing, mapping, headhunting & evening calls. After putting a lot of efforts finally a candidate got selected for DGM Level. But work did not end after selection of candidate, it was just half way. We had to ensure that the candidate and the company will reach at same page. After having long discussion the candidate accepted the offer. But for the resignation we had to follow up for nearly a month and a half as the candidate was an excellent performer in his existing company & his senior wanted to retain him at any cost. Continuous detailed discussions follow ups, patience & persuasion changed the scenario and finally the candidate joined.