Career Shapers is well structured organization having a team of 70 qualified HR professionals with proven track record in their respective fields. The team comprises of domain expertise Recruiters, Research Associates, HR Advisers, Headhunters, Database Professionals, supported by IT, internal HR, Admin, Finance & BD team.

 Separate domain expertise teams ensure  the needs and specifications of various industries and domains. Teams follow a robust structure and a hierarchy to implement various tasks and practices. To carry out functions, our teams work with fine collaboration to successfully meet the manpower needs of various industries.

There is a proper structure to enable the teams to work in unison to produce enviable results to various clients

The central Recruitment Team along with Practice Head & SPOC for client, works to fulfill diverse requirements of our clients in the form of the team of  Knowledge Management and Data Base Management to provide  necessary support in terms of data and knowledge

Knowledge Management Team researches, explores and analyses respective industries to come up with details and exhaustive information about the industries, companies, manpower nature, quality, departments, functions, CTC, grades and other relevant details.

Recruitment/Resourcing Team is the actual front ending team and handles the entire cycle that starts from sourcing the right candidates till closure and joining.

Data Base Management Team maintains the database in a defined systematic and structured manner. Best recruitment ERP is being used for better performance.

We have well structured internal HR set up which follows best HR practices  and ensures employee satisfaction by various activities like robust appraisal process ,reward & recognition , employee  engagement ,open forum suggestion ,training & workshops ,mentoring etc.

Internal HR is working with the aim of making Career Shapers the best work place among all consulting companies in India.

The following chart sums up the working module of our team to easily and effectively meet up the diverse manpower needs of various industries: