Since our inception, we have focused on attaining a very high standard in the area of client satisfaction. Surveying of the clients is a routine part of our processes to verify that the service delivery fulfills expectations. The survey asks the client about the courtesy and professionalism of our service delivery team, how well they communicated and set expectations, the timeliness of the response, and the knowledge or skill of the HR professionals. The survey is focused on the overall handling of the situation.

Our management structure is focused on the results of the client satisfaction surveys.

Positive survey results are conveyed to the respective Team Leader. The Team Leader shares this with his / her team members. The team members also understand the clients’ expectations and they are further trained by Team Leader accordingly.  

Client satisfaction measurement is a part of every employee’s annual performance appraisal reflecting our focus on doing everything possible to assure that the client is completely satisfied with Career Shapers.